Soft wings!!!!!

Well he did it!  Praise God!  Newbie completed his final flight of flight school yesterday!  The tradition is to hose them down when they finish, and Laura and I were there for the festivities!  It was such an exciting day!  I saw him fly overhead in the best formation I’ve ever seen!  It was better than the Blue Angels!  I am sooo proud of him, and thankful to God for bringing him this far!  After they get hosed down, they ripped off his old patch and they place a patch with wings on it in it’s place.  This wing patch, the “soft wings” will be replaced next week after the ceremony.  So that’s what the patch is all about! 


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  1. Janet & Bill Marietti

    Congratulations Bill!! We’re so proud of you and so thrilled that you’ve got your wings. May God watch over you and protect you! Be safe.
    Love, Bill & Jan

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