I am a married to the best man on earth, a brand new stay at home Mom to the best baby on earth, and a Christian who worships God, which gave us this earth!  I was in the Navy, which is where I met my wonderful husband and best friend.  We’ve been married for 6 years, and our little girl was born on New Years Day 2010!


One response to “About

  1. MaryJo Blume

    Melissa, Good morning, Dearheart….
    I just now opened and read your blog, looked at the beautiful thoughts you’ve composed,
    viewed the spectacular photos of your more-than-gorgeous little daughter, Laura….
    and feel so terribly thankful/blessed for your insight and your Sweet Loving Spirit.
    You and I have some relatives in common, Melissa. I am Cathie Aldridge’s adopted sister and Melissa Miller’s Aunt.
    All of my family live in the Great Pacific NorthWet….We live in Olympia, WA. Cathie sent me the link to your blog late yesterday afternoon and requested that I view the pictures of your “beautiful baby”. I, too, am praying that you and your Wonderful Family will be assigned to Widbey Island, WA….you and your Precious Family are in my prayers, Melissa.
    Have your SweetSelf a most joyous first Mother’s Day.

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